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3 NEWS IN 1!

- First, It's time for us to go LIVE:

That's why we're launching Board Game Arena TV!

As you can see since a few weeks, we are trying to get things tied together to offer more entertainment on BGA. The goal is not to turn everything LIVE, but to offer some quality content for our members: from discovering new games to learning how to play, we want to offer a wide variety of content in different languages.

To see them is easy: if you've setup your languages in your account profile, you'll be able to see every LIVE streamings accordingly to these settings.
While we mainly focus on English for now, more Streamers will join soon to have you enjoy some nice events, from worldwide championships to "how to play" videos.

And what could be a better way to learn about new rules than having two incredible hosts:
Anthony Chatfield and Christopher Carbone!

They're called "Board Gamers Anonymous", and they're here to teach you some games.
Starting TONIGHT 8:30PM (EDT Time) or 2:30AM (CEST Time) will be aired the first episode of BGA LIVE!

The game will be MARCO POLO, and you will know everything about our hosts, as well as the game.

Being streamed on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook simultaneously, don't forget to come see them tonight and drop a few words of encouragement.
This show is the first on BGA, and we count on your feedback to improve the show.
It will be held from now on EVERY WEDNESDAY night, at the same time schedule, and visible on the front page.

You can find them on their own page: https://boardgamersanonymous.com/
As well as on our Twitch account: https://www.twitch.tv/boardgamearena

Also, expect to have more events coming, like the Carcassonne World Championship, the Kingdomino World Final events we had, and many other events.
It's only the beginning...

- Second, it's LUCKY NUMBERS Time!

Tiki Editions, the publisher of Lucky Numbers, is setting up a tournament with some prizes to win!
Do you want that game in your hands to be able to play around a real table with your relatives?

All the informations about this event are here: https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewto ... =8&t=17373
The final will be streamed LIVE online with the game designer himself.

- Third, we are lucky...
Last night we had a small server issue, but everything is now back to normal.
But guess what? That's certainly because your weekly release is delayed to Friday.
That's a big update of a big game.
Greater than 6, lower than 8.
That's why.

Let's enjoy these news altogether, thanks for your support, the best is yet to come... See you on Friday.
09/09/2020 14 addisplegoù

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