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LUCKY NUMBERS: Clever Clovers


Keep off the grass!
...Or at least, take off your shoes.

Lucky Numbers is here, and it's so fast and refreshing you'll forget it's time to go back to school.

Lucky Numbers is a game from Michael Schacht, designer of games such as Coloretto, Zoloretto, Serengeti, and many, MANY more.
The thing is that the game is not new: it's, in fact, a reissue of the original game, that was originally done by Ravensburger, but now boosted by Tiki Edition, and efficiently illustrated by Christine Alcouffe.

So what's all about this game that needs to keep my attention?

It's dang easy, fast and straightforward:

The object of the game is, by successive draws and placements, to fill your grid. The constraint is that each row and each column must contain numbers of strictly increasing value. On each turn, you have the choice between drawing a hidden token or taking a visible one. You can then place it on a free space that meets the constraints or replaces a numbered token already placed, or reject the token if it does not suit your needs. The rejected tiles are placed face up.
You must therefore be careful not to discard a value that is too beneficial to an opponent.

The luck is of course important, but good tactic and strategy are essential if you want to win.
The games are fast and tense.

We strongly suggest that you give a try at this game, but beware: you could become quite addicted to this numbered-clovers-madness of a game!

The game is offered for FREE on BGA by the publisher, and a special tournament will be held this week to win the game, so have a look at the official publisher page for more informations: HERE

We, of course, would like to thank the game designer Michael Schacht and Tiki Editions, as well as our developer XCID.

A good game is like a four leaf clover: hard to find, lucky to have.
09/02/2020 30 addisplegoù

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