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Crazy Farmers and the Clôtures Électriques available NOW sur BGA & Kickstarter !


Howdy my friends, and welcome to the Ultimate Farming Championship!
We are happy to introduce on BGA

Crazy Farmers
A strategy game from Quentin de Cagny and Jérémie Chassaing (The Freaky 42), for 2-4 farmers fighting each other on their custom tractors to expand their fields.
The game was just released on BGA and is live right now on Kickstarter.

During this insane competition, you are driving your tractor into the fields, pulling electric fences to annex new plots by surrounding them. At the end of the game, the largest field wins.

However, while you are trying to extend your field, the other players may try to cut off the electric fence you are pulling, provoking a short circuit and ruining your efforts!

Crazy Farmers is a very deep strategy game with simple mechanisms and a crazy theme. You always have to balance between pulling a very long fence to gain a lot of plots, and a safer short fence that your opponents won't be able to cut. To win, you will have to move your engine carefully, always keep an eye on your opponents, and quickly react if they are too close from you.

This game has a very particular place in our hearts: Years ago, our friends Quentin and Jeremie told us that they do have a board game prototype, and we've been among the very first to play this game! The 2 designers did an incredible job on this game, improving it years after years. They met The Freaky 42, which is the perfect publisher for this game as they love games with insane themes (and by the way, they are trying to minimize the carbon footprint of all their products, which is always great). And finally, today the game is live on Kickstarter! As you can imagine, we are very proud to support this wonderful project from the beginning, to host it on BGA and we really recommend you to try it and support it too.

Why not try the game now ?

If you like this game, please help them to make it real by supporting it on Kickstarter:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/14 ... WI-zcCYG2k

Note: the physical game has also a Solo mode (not available on BGA).
06/18/2020 18 addisplegoù

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